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Each week we have a little compition in which we ask you make up a caption for a picture chosen by the Sifu team.

Usually the picture is taken from one of the retro or vintaqge crafting magazine that we sell in store and they're nalways something special!


We choose a winner based on what makes us laugh the most. The winner gets a $5 gift certificate for the store, the honor of taking the magazine the picture came from home, our admiration and respect.


This week, to celebrate Lisa nearly finishing the cardigan she's been working on since May (the first cardigan she's made herself in many years), we thought we'd get you to devise a caption to accompany the picture we took of her in it.


The winner this week will get the $5 gift certificate but will not get to take Lisa home I'm afraid.


Please direct yourself to facebook where you can add your caption under the photo. Please remember to keep it clean folks!


Winners get picked on a weekly basis